Abscessed Tooth

Are you experiencing tooth pain or swelling in your gums? You could be experiencing an abscessed tooth. This is common infection and can affect persons of all ages. Other symptoms may include: a bad taste in your mouth and jaw pain. There are many different reasons for this to happen including: a cracked or damaged tooth, tooth decay, periodontal disease, and injury. Pus builds up at the root tip and forms a pus-pocket know as an abscess. This type of infection can be very painful and is a common reason for people to visit the dentist. If the abscessed tooth goes untreated, a serious infection can form in the bone, teeth, and tissue.

If you are having tooth pain, call Dr. Reese today to make an appointment. Don’t wait! An abscessed tooth must have treatment to resolve.

Abscessed ToothPossible Treatment:

  • Draining and cleaning of the infection
  • Antibiotics
  • Root Canal learn more about Root Canals here

Treatment will vary depending on the severity of the infection.

It’s important to visit to maintain routine visits to your dentist to ensure emergency situations do not arise. We accept most insurance plans as well as care credit. Click here to make you appointment today.

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