Periodontis or sometimes better known as gum disease causes inflammation of the gums, which leads to bleeding and swelling of gums. This often damages the structures that give support to the teeth in the jaw bone. If left unchecked, periodontitis often causes tooth loss and other health complications. With proper treatment however, periodontitis can be treated. Dr. Reese at Reese Dental at Lake Country will put together a treatment plan to help you combat gum disease. This treament plan will often times include the use of Arestin. Arestin is a antibotic that will be used to kill the bacteria cause the inflammation of the gums.This drug has been approved by both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the ADA (American Dental Association) and has been known to effectively fight periodontal disease and other oral infections.Arestin

Signs you may have Gum Disease:

  • Swollen Gums
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Bad Breath
  • Soreness in your teeth and jaw
  • Un-pleasant taste in your mouth

Along with the use of Arestn, oral hygiene is an important step towards eliminating Periodontitis. Failure to maintain proper dental hygiene encourages harmful bacteria which causes plague and gum disease. Dr. Reese will help you get a handle on your gum disease and shows you ways that you can keep up with it at home with proper oral care, healthy habits and diet.

If you have any signs of gum disease, please book an appointment and visit Reese Dental at Lake County. Dr. Reese and his experienced team of dentists and hygienists will perform an oral examination on you and make the right diagnosis. Early detection is vital for controlling any further disease progression and preventing tooth loss.At Reese Dental at Lake County, we believe that teeth are meant to last forever. We do everything possible to help our patients preserve their teeth and avoid preventable tooth loss. We believe that Arestin is one of the most effective, cost-effective anti-biotic that cures periodontal disease.

If you would like to know more about Arestin, periodontitis or any other dental issues, call us today at 817-500-5288. Feel free to ask any questions; we are always happy to be of help. Just reach us right here on our Contact Page or Schedule An Appointment today!

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