Bruxism is also known as teeth grinding or clenching of the jaw. Bruxism usually occurs in most people while they are sleeping but more severe cases may even do it during the day. You may be wondering how you would know if you have bruxism if you do it in your sleep. Some signs to look for are 

  • Flattened or unexplained broken teeth 
  • Tooth sensitivity 
  • Jaw pain or stiffness 
  • Frequent headaches 
  • Being woken up suddenly 

You may also ask your partner if they can hear it or if it has ever woken them up. Bruxism, when you are awake, can be due to anxiety, stress and other causes. Anyone with bruxism should see their dentist if they are experiencing any of the bruxism symptoms to stay on top of any tooth erosion that may be caused by teeth grinding. Bruxism usually occurs in small children but is gone or milder in adulthood. You still want to take precautions and adults that can be mouth guards at night or jaw exercises before sleeping. In children, mouth exercises can help but usually, it’s not a cause for concern.

Make sure you are seeing your dentist regularly for dental cleanings the ADA recommends every 6 months. This can assure you are on top of any issues and if you do have bruxism you can help relieve any damage before it becomes more severe. In some cases of severe chipped teeth, you may need a dental crown to replace the tooth or even more severe cases may even need a tooth extraction and a dental implant. Reese Dental at Lake County understands that some of these procedures can be costly and we do accept Care Credit for those who are unable to pay for dental procedures in full. We also accept most insurances and work closely to ensure you are paying for only what you are needing and we pride ourselves on professional work at fair prices.  

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