Chipped Tooth 

Have a chipped tooth? Chipped teeth aren’t just a cosmetic issue they can also be an easy way for cavities to form and decay to start. Depending on the depth or severity of the chip in your tooth there is different procedures to take care of it! Reese Dental at Lake Country can quickly figure out what is needed and the best method to take care of your tooth chip. If a chip is minor it can be easily repaired with bonding. Bonding can be done in office fairly quickly with no down timeBonding can also be color matched to your tooth giving a natural look and finish! If your tooth has been chipped severely and is more of a dental emergency no worries, we can take care of that as well! Deeper chips may require a root canal to remove any nerve damage. Reese Dental offers non-surgical root canals which is a much more comfortable procedure and will have you feeling better faster. You may also need a dental crown to cover the tooth if bonding is not an option. We offer same day Dental Crowns to help for those with busy schedules. If a tooth extraction is needed, we also offer Dental Implants. Dental implants are not a one day fix however they are a worth the wait permanent tooth replacement solution. 

Healthy teeth  

You may not be able to prevent teeth from chipping but you can take measures to ensure they stay strong! Healthy teeth start with proper oral hygiene. The ADA recommends you clean your teeth up to 3 times daily and have a professional deep cleaning at least once every 6 months. In a world of coffee and soda consumption having a semi-annual deep cleaning and Teeth whitening service ensures your teeth always look and feel their best. Taking care of your oral health not only can boost your self-esteem but can also make sure your oral health doesn’t start to affect your overall health. Gingivitis and tooth decay have been linked to heart disease and other health related issues. Let Reese Dental at Lake County have you looking and feeling your best, because nothing is more beautiful than a confident smile.  

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