Dental Care Fort Worth

Reese Dental at Lake Country is accepting new patients for dental care Fort Worth! Dr. Reese has decades of experience in assisting family with all aspects of their dental care. We treat both adults and children and accept various types on insurances. We also see patients that do not have insurance. If you need assistance in paying for your dental services; we accept CareCredit.

Dental Care Fort Worth:

Dr. Reese also provides orthodontics for children and adults. We have traditional braces as well as invisalign available for our patients depending on their unique needs. After a comprehensive exam from Dr. Reese he will let you know if clear braces are an option for your smile. Braces can help correct a variety of dental problems such as: tooth crowding, gaps, spacing, cross-bites, overbites, and under-bites.

If a fear of the dentist keeping you from scheduling appointments for much needed dental work? No need to worry when you come to see Dr. Reese! Our dental office in Fort Worth uses the most to date tools and techniques that will help to ease your fears. Dr. Reese uses Laser Therapy to make dental procedures safer and more comfortable for his patients. We use Waterlase, which is a flexible dental laser that allows dentist to preform procedures with less trauma to their patient and with more accuracy. The Waterlase laser is great tool in easing fear of dental procedures!

Contact us today to make an appointment with Dr. Reese, the Blue Mound family dentist! We accept many types of insurance plans to help you afford the cost of dentistry and orthodontics. We also accept care credit too!

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Dental Care Fort Worth