Dry Mouth 

Dry mouth is also known as xerostomia. It is something that can be caused by several issues such as braces, ill-fitting dentures, dehydration, and even certain illnesses and medications. Reese Dental at Lake Country would like to help you get to the root of your dry mouth issues and help find a solution to help you have less frequent dry mouth problems. Long term dry mouth can cause harmful effects if left untreated. Dry mouth can cause tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and even the inability to remineralize tooth enamel. So how can you remedy dry mouth? Well for starters you need to get a checkup and dental cleaning. Dry mouth can deplete saliva which is vital for helping rinse away bacteria in your mouth.  

The ADA recommends you visit your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning to ensure a healthy mouth. If you have reoccurring dry mouth your dentist may ask you to come more often until your mouth and teeth start to heal. Dr.Reese may also prescribe you a mouth wash made to help aid in the production of saliva in your mouth. Schedule your dental cleaning appointment today! Dr. Reese at Reese Dental at Lake Country provides dental services for the whole family. Our office accepts several insurance plans as well as care credit. Dr. Reese also provides other services such as 

Before your appointment , if you visit our new patients’ section on our site you will be able to download your forms to bring them in. Reese Dental at Lake Country has some amazing testimonials and we look forward to adding yours! Our office is located at 8525 Boat Club Rd in Fort Worth, Texas. We look forward to taking care of your family’s dental needs.