When was the last time you visited your dentist? Was it for a regular check up or a more serious procedure? Or perhaps you are having trouble overcoming a fear of the dentist and this is preventing you from making your regular appointments. You aren’t alone. About five percent of the population suffers from serious dental phobia. An even larger percentage experiences some degree of unwanted anxiety.

As with most irrational fears, much of the process of overcoming a dental phobia is mental. It’s also much easier to overcome these fears if you are working with a dentist who understands you and what you are going through. Most professional dentists are well aware of this condition and do everything they can to make the situation more pleasant on your behalf. There are also some things you can do yourself to make the process easier.

Remember Your Dentist Is There To Help.

The first step towards overcoming a fear of dentistry to remember that the dentist is not your enemy. Their goal is not to scare you, hurt you, or make you feel uncomfortable. They have a genuine interest in improving your oral health and ensuring you are the best possible you that you can be. You wouldn’t be afraid to visit your friend would you? Try thinking of your dentist as a friend with your best interest at heart.

Find An Office With Newer Equipment.

If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile, then you may not be aware of all of the recent breakthroughs in dental technology. Many people fear going to the dentist because of all the intimidating and uncomfortable tools they push around in your mouth. Most of those tools are now outdated and have now been replaced with less intrusive and more comfortable alternatives.

For example, a dentist no longer needs to poke around in the mouth with a pointed stick and mirror to locate cavities. Laser technology plays a big role in the modern dental world. There are now laser cavity detectors that can quickly and easily locate cavities in the mouth without any discomfort.

Speak With Your Dentist.

Your dentist can’t possibly know about your fears if you never take the time to share them. This might seem embarrassing at first, but it can make the overall process much easier. As mentioned, the dentist wants you to feel comfortable and will do whatever they can to help you along the way. They may let you hold the tools to get a feel for them yourself, incorporate laughing gas to reduce anxiety, and even crack a few jokes if you feel your sense of humor is up to par.

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back.

Getting into the dentist on a regular basis is absolutely necessary. If you practice proper oral hygiene, then you’ll require fewer emergency visits and fewer serious procedures. Thus, taking care of your mouth is the best possible course of action if you want to spend as little time in the dentist’s office as possible.