Kids Dentistry

Children are often scared of coming to the dentist – the machines are loud and the sensations are new and unusual.

Kids Dentistry

As you know, the dentist shouldn’t be scary!

Here are some tips to help get your child in a good frame of mind for visiting the dentist:

  • Take them for a “preview” of the office, have them meet the dentist and hygienist
  • Children should receive routine dental care around the age of 3
  • Speak positively about your experiences and reassure them
  • Reinforce good dental hygiene habits

The last one is especially important. We all know kids love candy, so limiting their consumption is paramount. Make sure your child brushes twice per day and teach them how to do it correctly – we can’t tell you how many times children come in with cavities because they’re not brushing their teeth correctly!

We’re excited to help you teach your child about good dental health, contact us today and we’ll help you get your child ready for a lifetime of healthy teeth! Contact Us today.