Laser Therapy

Many people have a fear of the dentist and is mainly associated with the shots, drills, and machine vibrations that are common in most dental offices. With advances in technology, we now have laser therapy in dentistry. Perhaps the biggest advantage of using laser therapy is the absence of shots or drillings or cuts. Laser therapy eliminates all these issues associated with the traditional dental equipment. It is safe, efficient, and convenient because it requires little or no need for drills, shots, or anesthesia. Additionally, with laser therapy, there are no messy bleedings or post-operative pain and complications. This means that there is also less need for pain Laser Therapy medication,

At Reese Dental at Lake County, we have Waterlase(R). This flexible Laser dentistry equipment enables our dentists to perform dental procedures that require cutting through gum tissues and bones with fewer traumas to the patient. It has also enabled our dentists to perform dental procedures that would otherwise be impossible without the help of the laser machine. The dental field has been using the Waterlase(R) to perform many dental procedures for almost two decades. This dental laser cuts through bone, gums and any other tissues without producing any sound, heat or pressure.

Dentists can now perform dental procedures painlessly and with more accuracy using laser therapy.

However, laser therapy may not be an option for everyone. In most cases, laser therapy works best when cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal diseases are detected early. When such dental issues are detected in their early stages, treatment is usually simple and more affordable. In conclusion, if you have any dental or oral issue, please book an appointment and pay us a visit. Dr. Reese and his qualified and dedicated dental team will perform an oral examination on your and determine the best treatment option for you.

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