Mouth Ulcer 

Mouth ulcers and mouth sores can be caused by multiple things 

  • Cheek biting 
  • Rubbing against sharp teeth or braces 
  • Accidental trauma from tooth brushing 
  • Thrush 
  • Eating hot foods 

There are several reasons as mouth ulcers are fairly common. Ulcers are an inflammation of the soft tissue inside of your mouth caused by damage to the sensitive skin. As described above mouth ulcers can be a simple injury or something more serious such as Oral cancer. Before you jump to the more serious side of a mouth ulcer if you have a mouth ulcer that seems to be reoccurring or doesn’t go away within a few days it’s a good idea to schedule an appointment with Reese Dental at Lake Country. Let Dr. Reese take a look and see what may be the cause. Oral hygiene is an easy way to prevent mouth ulcers and the ADA recommends coming in for a dental cleaning every 6 months to ensure proper oral hygiene. If you have a mouth ulcer there are things you can do at home to help heal them such as 

  • Salt water rinses 
  • Avoid salty and acidic foods 
  • drink plenty of water 
  • Taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medication 

If these solutions don’t help within a few days then it’s a good time to schedule an appointment. 

Dental solutions 

Some of the causes of mouth ulcers are from jagged teeth. If you have a tooth that may have a minor chip and is causing friction you may be a good candidate for bonding. Bonding is a sealant that goes over the tooth and is virtually undetectable and can be done with little to no down time. If your teeth are misaligned and are causing your mouth ulcers Reese Dental at Lake Country also offers Invisalign which are clear braces that work the same as traditional metal braces but with less pain and no rubbing against your mouth like metal braces. More severe chipped teeth can be fixed with a dental crown or dental implant! If you are having daily issues with mouth ulcers please contact Reese Dental today to schedule an appointment and let us help get to the root of the issue and help you alleviate the problem.  

Reese Dental at Lake Country offers whole family dentistry and takes several different types of insurance. We understand some that do not have dental insurance may need assistance and we accept Care Credit for those. Our new patients can easily print forms from our site and bring them in to speed up your intake process! We look forward to showing you a healthy happy smile.