Information for New Patients

Information for New Patients

Are You Looking For A New Dentist?

Reese Dental at Lake Country eagerly accepts new patients. Your goals for dental treatment are specific and here at Reese Dental at Lake Country we take the time to learn exactly what you’re looking for and tailor a treatment plan to best serve your needs.

We Provide a Wide Variety of Dental Services:

& more!

At the time of your first appointment information will be collected and then Dr. Reese will begin the examination. Depending on your course of treatment, the appointment could last as little as five minutes or for more extensive cases up to one hour.

That being said – YOU determine the reason for your appointment and if there are any recommendations Dr. Reese has we’ll be sure to forward them to you. Learn more about Picking a Dentist.

The most important part of your first visit is feeling comfortable in our office and with Dr. Reese. You’ll find that our office is welcoming and our staff is dedicated to making you feel welcome and an important part of our office family. Please Contact Us today to make an appointment.

Forms for New Patients

To access our New Patient PDF Form, our HIPAA PDF Form, or our Care Credit Application, please click on the appropriate button below. Taking care of this information before your visit will ensure that we can best serve you upon your first visit.

Thank You, from our staff here at Reese Dental at Lake Country