Hello and Welcome to Reese Dental at Lake Country! Today we are talking about Root Canals. Just those words strike fear and anxiety in many people but with the amazing advances in modern dentistry they are just as easy and painless as having a tooth pulled. There are lots of reasons that someone might need a root canal but the most common is tooth decay or injury. When the decay becomes severe enough to create bacteria that is affecting the nerve of your tooth, a root canal must be performed. Dr. Reese will carefully clean the infection out of the tooth and make sure its properly cleaned out and sealed to ensure no bacteria can re-enter. After a root canal and even before, the tooth that is treated becomes weak and will require a crown.

Dr. Reese understands the pain of a tooth ache and wants to help you. Don’t suffer with tooth pain, contact us today and let us help you.

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Signs You May Need a Root Canal:

  • Pain
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold even after the trigger is removed
  • Discoloration
  • Tooth pain while eating

These are many reasons that you may need a root canal but it’s always a concern when you are experiencing any kind of tooth pain or if you have had a tooth injury. There are also ways to help avoid having to have a root canal, and the first one is seeing your dentist regularly. Its recommended that you see your dentist once every 6 months. The other important aspect of dental care is to not wait to have procedures taken care of. If you have a pain, make an appointment with your dentist today.