Stained Teeth 

Stained Teeth can be embarrassing but Reese Dental at Lake Country can help. We offer in-office Teeth Whitening. Teeth can become stained for many reasons such as tobacco, tea, coffee even aging. Some discoloration can also be caused by medications or dental procedures. Teeth Whitening can be done at home but most at-home kits don’t work as quickly or efficiently as a dental in-office whitening treatment. Our in-office treatment can be done easily on your lunch break with no downtime!  

Whitening Process teeth whitening

When you come in for teeth whitening, we will apply a peroxide solution to a tray that will be applied to your teeth and then left on for about an hour. Results with this method are immediate and can lighten teeth from 3 to 8 shades in just 1 session! We also offer at-home whitening trays. For at-home whitening, we will make an impression of your teeth and customize a whitening tray. You will apply the solution in the tray and bite on the tray for a specific amount of time. At-home results will vary and may take a few weeks to see results as the at-home solution is not as strong as the in-office solution. 

Oral Health 

Teeth whitening isn’t the only thing you should be concerned with. You should also make sure you stay on top of your oral health. The ADA recommends you see your dentist for a regular Dental Cleaning at least once every 6 months. Make sure at home you are following a strict routine of Brushing, flossing and using an antibacterial mouthwash 2 to 3 times a day. To help prevent stains you can make sure and use mouthwash after drinking sodas, coffee or tea and refrain from using tobacco. Oral Cancer can be a serious issue that can be less likely to occur when you stop smoking or using tobacco products.  

Teeth straightening is another cosmetic procedure we offer! Have you ever considered getting metal braces? You may want to look into Clear Braces! Clear Braces offer the same whitening benefits without the discomfort of all the wires. Invisalign may not be suitable for everyone so be sure and Schedule your appointment today to see if they are right for you.  clear braces

Reese Dental at Lake Country takes several Insurance Providers but for those who don’t have insurance, we proudly accept Care Credit. If you are a New Patient take a look at our testimonials to see why our clients love Dr. Reese and the staff at Reese Dental. Schedule your appointment today to get your teeth back to the healthy white color the once were. We offer Family Dentistry and Kids Dentistry as well! Make us your one-stop dental shop and get your whole family smiling!