Brighter, Whiter Smile

Are you tired of having a dull discolored smile? You’re not the only one, over 80% of Americans report wanting a whiter smile. Reese Dental has two excellent methods for whitening teeth to help you achieve that beautiful, confidence boosting smile.

In Office Procedure:

After our dentist, has done an examination of your teeth and gum health, your gum will be covered for their protection and a bleaching agent will be applied to your teeth. A retractor will be used to pull your cheeks and lips away from your teeth so there will be minimal to no discomfort. After an hour or so the bleaching agent will be removed and your teeth will be 3 to 8 shades whiter! In office whitening yields, more dramatic results.

At Home Whitening:

We start by first making an impression of your teeth to make flexible plastic trays for your upper and lower teeth. At home, you will fill the trays with the bleaching gel and place them over your teeth for a specific amount of time. The teeth whitening may take some time to become noticeable; usually a few weeks

If you would like treatment or more information on teeth whitening, contact us today at. Feel free to ask any questions; we are always happy to be of help.

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