Treatments We Specialize In

At Reese Dental at Lake Country, we take great pride in providing comprehensive services. Listed below are the different treatments we offer and a little background on why you may (and in some cases hopefully may not) need this particular treatment:

Tooth Colored Fillings

Commonly, when teeth decay and there are cavities, the standard practice is the fill those cavities. In the past, cavities have been filled with metal such as silver and even mercury.

Unfortunately, these fillings are not appealing to the eye and result in greater self-consciousness about your smile. That being said, you don’t need to be a slave to these fillings and thanks to today’s technology we no longer use silver or other metals to fill cavities – especially because these fillings cause increased decay.

Instead, our procedure is to remove the filling, and take an impression. At that point, we’ll custom design an onlay that will fit perfectly in the affected area of your tooth. The best part – these onlays are colored to look exactly like your teeth and have greater bonding power than those out of date and horrific looking fillings.

Contact us today if you’re looking to have your fillings replaced or if you’re experiencing pain in a tooth as a filling may solve that problem.

Dental Sealants

The old saying “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” has never been more appropriate than when discussing dental sealants.

If you have children, pay attention closely – dental sealants can save your children incredible amounts of time, pain and money in the future.

Teeth are amazing devices, however especially the rear molars have deep grooves that often cause food and other debris to get caught, causing decay. Dental sealants solve the problem by creating a smoother surface on the tooth which allows your child to take better care of their teeth.

The procedure is simple – an acrylic sealant is applied to the teeth and hardens quickly – after a few minutes you won’t even notice the difference – it feels like it’s a natural part of the tooth!

Over the years these sealants hold up remarkably well – in some cases patients go over 20 years without having the sealants degrade at all!

If you’re looking to extend the life of your teeth or your child’s teeth contact Dr. Reese today so we can provide you all the sealant options we offer!


The denture is an appliance inserted into your mouth to maintain the structure of your upper maxilla and your mandible while also helping the process of mastication – or chewing.

Dentures can be cosmetic and functional. [business] offers a variety of denture options – the bottom line: these are not your grandparents’ dentures that spend time in a glass of water every night!

Dentures can be made in porcelain or plastic – or a combination of the two. They can either be partial dentures or full dentures. The difference is full dentures span the entire area of the mouth such as the entire lower jaw while partial dentures replace a tooth or a series of teeth.

Our goal with creating your dentures is providing appliances that look, feel and act just as effectively as your real teeth.

If you’re looking to replace old dentures or obtain the right dentures to improve your smile fill out the contact form and we’ll be in touch right away!


If you’re missing a tooth then instead of being resigned to having a gap where one of your teeth once resided you should consider a bridge.

Bridges are either permanent or temporary, and they’re made by fitting the gap with a false tooth made from a non-precious alloy or porcelain. This false tooth fits by inserting on top of the adjacent teeth.

The best part about bridges is their versatility. Often bridges are derided as hard to keep clean, but the exact opposite is true! Simply brush and floss as you normally would and your bridge will be in good hands and last for decades!

If you’re looking to fill in the gap your smile currently has, bridges are some of the best options, contact us today and learn whether a permanent or temporary bridge is the right solutions for you!

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the latest innovation in teeth replacement. The bottom line is having a gap in your smile doesn’t need to be permanent, instead you can have a dental implant and regain the full functionality of your bite along with having a radiant smile in which no one knows that a particular tooth is an implant!

Using small titanium posts, dental implants bond with your bone creating the secure feeling you have with your regular teeth – frankly, you won’t notice the difference after a couple minutes!

The titanium posts provide the anchor point, then the restorative dental professional crafts a tooth fitting perfectly with your bite. This tooth sits on top of a strong, titanium structure and allows you FULL function. Unlike bridges, you don’t have to worry about eating certain foods because implants in many cases are stronger than natural teeth.

To see if you’re a candidate for implants please contact us at the form below – we promise that implants will change your life profoundly as they’ve changed so many others already!

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are the tried and true method of making teeth that are beyond repair appear as good as new!

There are many different ways to go about this process, but crowns are direct – either the crown will be porcelain or the “gold” crowns that have been used for decades.

The process for creating crowns is very straightforward. After creating a mold of your mouth a restorative dentist crafts the crown so that it will fit with ease over your tooth. Once the crown is received, it will be securely attached to your tooth.

The benefits of this procedure is that it’s a simple, easy and inexpensive way to restore both your smile and full functionality of your bite.

Deciding on crowns is no small endeavor, give [business] a call today and find out the different options for enhancing your bite and smile with crowns!

Tooth Extractions

Unfortunately, there are many different occasions where you and your dentist will determine that the best course of action is to extract a particular tooth. This could be as simple as the tooth has decayed beyond repair or you may have an impacted tooth causing problems for other teeth.

Whatever the issue, know that this decision is not entered into lightly. The process for extracting is relatively simple: the dentist will administer an anesthetic and all you’ll feel is the pressure of the tooth being rocked back and forth culminating in eventual removal. The process is actually very quick.

Afterwards, you’ll be given instructions on how to assist in helping the blood clot form and harden. This is very important and will help you heal quickly from the extraction.

Here at [business] we know how serious a tooth extraction is. If you’re experiencing symptoms in which you think an extraction may be warranted, get in touch with us immediately so we can help you assess the situation.

Gum Disease Laser Therapy

You know how lasers are revolutionizing various areas of medicine including eye surgery – but they’re also extremely useful for helping restore your gums.

As you know, gums are extremely important to dental health. Laser treatment minimizes bleeding and there’s also no charring, drilling or other time consuming painful procedures. In fact, laser therapy is remarkably efficient!

The laser works by using the high energy light beam to sterilize the area and promote growth of healthy gums in areas that the gums have not been healthy in quite a while.

If you’re suffering from gum disease and would like to learn more about laser therapy, contact [business] and we’d be happy to get you on the road to having healthy gums today!

Non-Surgical Root Canal

Over 14 million people each year benefit from this particular treatment – root canals are used to stem the need for more in-depth tooth-saving procedures such as implants, bridges and crowns.

The root canal deals with the diseased pulp – or inner mass – of the tooth. This pulp is extracted and the channel is thoroughly cleaned and sealed.

The best part about root canals – they have an over 90% success rate!

There are many reasons you could need a root canal. If you’re having decay issues or the tooth experiences some sort of trauma, it’s important to see the dentist right away. Once the pulp is affected a small problem solved by a root canal, if left untreated, could expand to a more massive – and costly – issue.

Don’t wait to see if you need a root canal! Contact us at [business] we’ll do everything we can to save your tooth and if you need a root canal we have the tools to provide it quickly!


If you have a tooth, or teeth, that are chipped, cracked or stained then bonding is the cheap and effective alternative to veneers!

The practice of bonding is very simple – your dentist will lightly score the area of the tooth and then will use a bonding liquid. As the liquid sets then plastic resin is used to shape and craft a strong bond to the existing tooth. This bond is then polished and colored to look natural.

The best part of bonding is that the bonds look and feel natural – few trained professionals can tell the difference. And you only need one visit to get bonding – they last forever.

If you have teeth that can benefit from bonding don’t hesitate to contact us at [business] today!

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers, or caps, are cosmetic structures that are bonded to existing teeth. They are highly customizable and require a great amount of skill – something we have in abundance at [business]!

If your teeth are chipped, stained or have some other issue what we do is take an impression of your bite and fashion porcelain caps to cover the tooth. Once the caps are received, we then score the teeth in question, apply the bonding cement and then the veneers.

The best part about the veneers is within minutes you’ll forget that you have veneers! They look, feel and function just like natural teeth!

If you’re considering porcelain veneers don’t hesitate to get in touch with [business] today to start the process!

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and onlays are similar to fillings. The idea is when a tooth has sustained damage and decay to more than 50% of the surface, something must be done.

In order to get the right inlays and onlays, you need to have two appointments. At the first appointment you’ll have an impression taken of your teeth. Dentists that specialize in crafting inlays and onlays will fabricate these devices, and at your second appointment you’ll be fitted with these devices.

Inlays and onlays greatly enhance your ability to use the affected teeth and cosmetically resemble your healthy teeth – so there’s no need to worry about your smile!

If you think inlays and onlays are solutions you need, contact us here at [business] for an appointment today!

Teeth Whitening

If you have discolored teeth and are hesitant to smile, then teeth whitening is the treatment for you!

Teeth whitening is extremely safe, it takes little time and the best part – it’s extremely affordable! Imagine walking into the office afraid to smile and walking out beaming – that’s what you get with teeth whitening.

The first step is you’ll have molds created and once you receive the molds you’ll use them to apply the bleaching agent to your teeth. After a few treatments you’ll notice the lightening of your teeth and start smiling with abandon!

Teeth whitening is something that should be done under the care of a trained dentist – often over the counter products could have adverse effects on your gums and teeth.

Visit [business] today to find out the different options you have for whitening!

Clear Braces

There are few people who long for the days of having their smile obscured by massive metal braces. These braces are painful to look at and even more painful to wear. They’re restrictive and ultimately cause you to smile less and be more self-conscious.

That doesn’t need to be your fate! Having a great smile is as simple as having clear braces! The invisalign system is designed specifically to replicate the effects of braces without the heavy visual of braces.

In the same amount of time it takes to correct your smile with metal braces, invisalign does the same without the negative attention.

If you are looking to correct your smile with braces, contact us today and see why invisalign is the way to go!

Oral Hygiene

This is one of the most important things you can do for your health – brush and floss!

Most adults over the age of 35 don’t lose their teeth because of cavities but rather periodontal – or gum – disease.

This seems very scary, but there’s good news – you’re entirely in control of whether or not you lose your teeth!

Brushing and flossing is extremely critical to preserving your wonderful smile.

Here are some tips:

• Use a soft to medium bristle tooth brush
• Brush at a 45 degree angle
• If possible, use an electric toothbrush
• Watch yourself in the mirror to be sure you get all your teeth
• Floss regularly – best time is every night before bed
• Use waxed floss in 18 inch strings
• Slide between teeth and bring all the way to gums, make sure to use a C shaped motion
• When finished, rinse vigorously

Be sure to notice if your teeth are unusually sensitive to hot or cold products. This may be a harbinger of something to come.

Check with the American Dental Association for different tips, and remember to have a cleaning every 6 months.

We’re here to help you! Contact us today with any questions you have about your dental hygiene!

Child Dentistry

Children are often scared of coming to the dentist – the machines are loud and the sensations are new and unusual.

As you know, the dentist shouldn’t be scary!

Here are some tips to help get your child in a good frame of mind for visiting the dentist:

• Take them for a “preview” of the office, have them meet the dentist and hygienist
• Children should receive routine dental care around the age of 3
• Speak positively about your experiences and reassure them
• Reinforce good dental hygiene habits

The last one is especially important. We all know kids love candy, so limiting their consumption is paramount. Make sure your child brushes twice per day and teach them how to do it correctly – we can’t tell you how many times children come in with cavities because they’re not brushing their teeth correctly!

We’re excited to help you teach your child about good dental health, contact us today and we’ll help you get your child ready for a lifetime of healthy teeth!

Prophylaxis (Dental Cleaning)

Every 6 months you should visit your dentist for a routine check-up and cleaning.

This is vitally important. Especially because the routine x-rays will help your dentist notice if something is awry early instead of lamenting not catching a problem in time.

Benefits of dental cleaning also include the removal of plaque. Plaque is the most serious cause of issues such as gum disease. Regularly removing plaque promotes healthy teeth and gums. Furthermore, your smile looks better and your breath is fresher – your spouse will thank you!

Generally we recommend a cleaning every 6 months but if you suffer from periodontal issues then the best course of action is a cleaning every 3-4 months.

Contact us today to set up your cleaning!


Periodontal disease causes many different issues and can result in the loss of your teeth. This is very serious.

Arestin is an antibiotic that combats many common infections that if left untreated result in the loss of your teeth.

We’re proud to offer Arestin and believe that its use will promote a healthier smile and prevent you from the ravages of having to deal with the loss of one or more teeth.

Contact us today to learn more about Arestin.