Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Tooth pain can be a very uncomfortable sensation that can come out of nowhere, leaving you feeling like “Why Do My Teeth Hurt?” Reese Dental at Lake Country will Why Do My Teeth Hurt?quickly get to the root of the problem with a same day appointment and get you out of pain. There can be a lot of reasons that you are having pain in your mouth, some can be serious and some can be corrected easily. Regardless of why you are having pain, it’s very important to get into to see a dentist ASAP. It’s not uncommon for people to Google quick ways to get rid of tooth pain but please don’t do anything unsafe, it could make the pain worse and require more dental work. The only thing that is safe is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water and use an over the counter topical analgesic. These things should not be a substitute for a dental visit but they may be helpful until your visit time.

Reasons For Tooth Pain:

  • Damaged Teeth: If you have a damaged or broken tooth this can cause a large amount of discomfort. As soon as the tooth becomes damaged or broken, make an appointment with your dentist right away.
  • Sensitive Teeth: Tooth sensitivity can be very painful but is very easy to correct. When the enamel on your teeth begins to wear down, you may notice pain during eating or while drinking things that are cold or hot.
  • Teeth Grinding: Bruxism or grinding your teeth is very common and affects millions of people every year. People grind their teeth for many different reasons like stress, misaligned teeth, etc. Bruxism can be corrected with help from your dentist.
  • Tooth Decay: This is the most common cause of tooth pain.
  • TMJ: TMJ stands for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction. This is a problem with the hinges of your jaw.

Ways to Prevent Tooth Pain

There are things that you can do to prevent tooth pain at home to keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Brush your teeth twice a day with a soft or extra soft toothbrush for at least 2 minutes. Don’t forget your gums! Floss your teeth properly twice a day. If you are unsure that are doing it properly, ask your dentist. Maintain regular checkups with your dentist.

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